world, rhythm & blues, jazz



Emilio Varela (FR) - lead vocal, acoustic & electric guitar
Joana Varela (FR) - lead vocal
Jo Maonda (FR) - violin, bass, alto sax, flute
Frederic Martin (FR) - Thibault Favalessa (FR) - keyboards
Daniel Grosso (FR) - Clairveau Ramsamy (FR) - bass, backing vocal
Georges Torciello (FR) - tenor & soprano sax
Lionel Segui (FR) - bass trombon
David Cayrou (FR) - tenor & baryton sax
Aldo Feliciano (FR) - trumpet
Hervé Chiquet (FR) - drums,percussions, backing vocal

The Caribbean, Greece, Ireland, the Scotland … all these countries visited in the rhythms of the musics of the world and international. A very important personal enrichment and many of the happy memories.

Les Caraïbes, la Grèce, l'Irlande, l'Ecosse… tous ces pays visités aux rythmes des musiques du monde et internationales. Un enrichissement personnel très important et beaucoup d'heureux souvenirs.